alright guys heres the plan on may 20th of this moneth were all gonna buy RSR at the SAME TIMEEEE to pump the price past a dollar lets gooooo (dababy voice) rsr will make us all milionaries rsr army uniute to da moon

Hi ScoobyDaGoon,

I’m very glad to hear your enthousiasm for the Reserve project. We are all excited about the good things this project can deliver - including possible profits for RSR holders.

That being said, the rules of this forum state that “Economic analysis of RSR is welcome, but price talk and shitposting are not.”
I’m afraid some might see this post as a “shitpost”. No offense.

You are free to join the unofficial price talk Telegram here. The people there will be glad to discuss this topic with you.

Good luck! (dababy voice)

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