Some exciting info on the App

Some interesting info on the Reserve App and usage from the description of new open positions: Reserve - Current Openings

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Very interesting, MoaR. Thank you for sharing.

The statistic that shows that 88% of users are still actively using the service after 6 weeks of getting it shows that it provides real benefit for its users. If it didn’t, the app would be deactivated after week 2.

Reserve is the project in which I believe the most in the entire crypto sphere. A fundamental real-life problem is being resolved while giving the public the chance to ride the wave of growth. It’s a win-win situation.
Besides that, I have real faith in the management of the company. Their way of communicating is honest and transparant and they seem passionate about resolving this one big issue of (hyper)inflation.

Good luck to the team and all of us that believe in the project!

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