Starting from today, all active Reserve app users will receive 2 invites which they can share with their family/friends! Get ready for Reserve to be #1 downloaded Finance app in Venezuela again! 🥳

The Reserve team has just sent out a newsletter stating that all active users will start receiving 2 invites for their friends and family starting from today! This allowing of new users into the Reserve app is possible as the team has recently resolved some urgent scalability issues that hindered them from supporting a large amount of users.

Take a look at a (translated version) of the Reserve newsletter:

It’s clear that the team is doing everything they can to grow the userbase of the Reserve app as soon as possible. Nevin (CEO of Reserve) stated during a recent interview that the demand of users wanting to use the app is way larger than what they can support right now. This new invitation system will create a large influx of extra Reserve app users, and thus boost adoption of (soon-to-be) RSV. Awesome step forward!

Hyperinflation :money_with_wings: