Summary of recent Reserve updates

Hello Rangers!

For those of you that only sporadically check up on what Reserve is doing and might not always follow up on Reserve’s social media, here is a short summary of the progress the project has made in the past few months + what Reserve is planning to do until the end of 2021.

1) Adoption

Adoption of the Reserve app has been going very well, mostly in Venezuela, but also in Argentina, Colombia and Panama. Here are some recent achieved milestones:

:green_circle: Reserve is now adopted by +4,000 stores as a means of payment.
:green_circle: A recent tweet by Nevin Freeman (CEO of Reserve) announced the achievement of the first $3 million transacted volume day in the Reserve app.
:green_circle: Besides the existing userbase, access to the Reserve app has now been opened up for everyone on the waitlist (+60,000 users). Starting September 7th until September 30th, the app will be open for everyone in Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia and Panama to join.
:green_circle: Some companies like Yummy, the largest delivery service in Venezuela, pay their employees’ salary with Reserve.
:green_circle: Due to the adoption rising, Reserve can now be used to buy some famous products. The recent adoption by delivery service Traetelo allows Reserve app users to order McDonalds, Pizza Hut delivery but also iPhones, Nike products, Levi’s products, and much more.

:no_entry_sign: While Reserve has very detailed internal dashboards for all kinds of metrics, most statistics are not released to the public yet.

:arrow_right: Reserve continues to work on adoption of Reserve with adoption teams in all target countries. We expect the adoption numbers to continue growing at the same, or higher, rate in the coming months.

2) Stable currency, a human right campaign

Reserve is more than just the app and the underlying protocol. We believe that access to a stable currency should be recognized as a human right and have therefore started a campaign called “Stable currency, a human right”. Here is what the campaign entails:

:green_circle: Reserve is setting up a petition where we plan to gather 10,000 signatures from people who believe in the cause. With this petition, we will formally request the UN to recognize the access to a stable currency a human right.
:green_circle: Reserve has been holding, and will continue to hold, online meetings with everyone who wants to be involved in the campaign - either as an organizer or as a spectator. From these meetings, organizer groups are created where the organizers discuss how we can spread the word about the campaign to the world.

:arrow_right: Important to remember is that Reserve’s main goal is to eventually eradicate hyperinflation. This is an ambitious goal that can only be achieved with a large amount of supporters who help us achieve it. This campaign is a first step towards working together with the community to eventually get there.

3) Reserve Protocol

The protocol underlying the Reserve app has been receiving quite a lot of updates and has some exciting changes coming in the next few months:

:green_circle: A protocol revamp will be deployed somewhere in the next months to make the protocol more open and transparent. New documentation is on its way!
:green_circle: The Reserve Protocol mainnet is expected to be released later this year. There will be no swap and there is no action that needs to be performed by RSV/RSR holders.
:green_circle: Reserve is building a dApp (Decentralized Application) to make interacting with the Reserve Protocol smart contracts easy to do.
:green_circle: Reserve is focusing on making the protocol a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation), allowing RSR holders to decide the future of the protocol through proposals.

:arrow_right: All the updates mentioned above are expected to be released later this year (2021).

4) Marketing

A recent tweet by Nevin Freeman (CEO of Reserve) stated that the months of August/September will be used to focus on spreading the word about Reserve to the world. Here’s what has been released so far:

:green_circle: InfoBae, the largest news website in LATAM, releases an article about Reserve.
:green_circle: Ambito, the largest digital Finance news outlet in Argentina, releases an article about Reserve.
:green_circle: James Glasscock, one of Reserve’s seed investors, teased a Los Angeles event with panels and fireside chats regarding the “Stable currency, a human right” campaign.
:green_circle: Bloomberg Linea releases a teaser for interviews with LATAM crypto leaders. (These interviews will be less focused on Reserve and more focused on the entire crypto sphere in Latam, but they do include interviews with Gabriel Jiménez, one of Reserve’s founders, who mentions Reserve a couple of times).

:arrow_right: Reserve is planning more articles, interviews, AMAs in the coming months - both in LATAM as well as in other parts of the world.

:closed_book: Would you like to know more about Reserve? Read about our protocol and study our whitepaper.

:loud_sound: Looking for the latest news? Follow our Website, Twitter, and Blog for updates. Join our Telegram to discuss Reserve with other community members.


Great post, thank you for the concise update. Any estimate on when the RSV/RSR cycle will be launched? Last I remember it was supposed to be this year.

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Hi there reaganomics,

I assume you’re talking about the arbitrage mechanism. If so, the current whitepaper states that this mechanism will be available on mainnet launch - which is expected to be this year (2021).

Keep in mind, however, that there is a protocol revamp coming which will include some changes to how arbitrage/staking of RSR works. We’re currently working on the new documentation and will release more info regarding that once we’ve finished them!


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I look forward to reading about the changes.