Using it in Venezula

I have a friend that I send money with Zelle and want to get them to use the reserve app instead.
They are a non technical person so some of the concepts of cryptocurrency are difficult.
Is there any guide there for someone based in Venezula on how to get started with it, how do they get cash using the app directly and paying for goods and services etc.

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App Reserve Guide

You can visit:

on Youtube:
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Hi engineering,

As you might know the Reserve application is still in closed beta, meaning that it is not yet downloadable by the general public. If your friend would like to receive RSV (= the stable currency used in the Reserve app) , he will first have to apply for the invitation list. Applying can be done here.

The Reserve team worked hard in getting the app as userfriendly as possible. As a result, it comes with a very intuitive user interface which should be easily understood - even for non-technical people like your friend.
With that being said, you can find a tutorial of general uses of the app in this video. For more information, I suggest you link him the Reserve help page which WilliamRSV also linked above.

Best of luck.

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tienen algun proyecto para enlazar con neteller y si se puede usar en españa saludos