What's our roadmap for 2021?

Hello to all who attended the RSR.

I would like to know a little more about our roadmap for 2021.

I see some projects talking about the goals for this year, like ADA, FUNFAIR and others, but I don’t see the same for RSR.

What are our goals for this year? Do we have any finalized?

This is our very concise Reserve Protocol Roadmap for 2021.

  1. Continue improving and refining the app and automating all its key processes while in private beta.

  2. Once we are confident the app is ready to scale we will start onboarding a lot more people as we continue testing it and releasing further improved versions.

  3. Enable on-chain transactions, which will activate the self-custody feature of the app. Although this step isn’t critical for RSV adoption as even if we hold users funds on their behalf these funds will grow along with the total number of users and their savings.

  4. Once we see RSV growing at a strong enough pace we will launch mainnet which will finally enable arbitrage and RSR holders will start capturing all of the protocol’s revenue through arbitrage.

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