Friday Governance Wrap Up 24-04-12

Apr 12, 2024

GM rToken enjoyoors! StableLab will be publishing weekly governance wrap-ups to highlight ongoing discussions and proposals. If you want your proposal or idea featured, please contact us via Forum DM or tag us on Discord (@raphbaph).

Let’s dive right in

New token, who dis?

0xlogarithmicrex introduced rgUSD, short for revenue generating USD, a overcollateralized stablecoin consisting of 100% aDAI with:

  • 90% - Liquidity Incentives
  • 5% - DAO Liquidity
  • 5% - RSR Stakers (governance and overcollateralization)

Please give Rex a warm welcome!

Spring cleaning

High Yield USD is performing a spring cleaning of sorts, and proposes to unregister:

  • fUSDC - Flux USDC
  • mrp-aUSDT - Morpho Aave USDT v2 Pool
  • cvxeUSDFRAXBP - OLD eUSD+FRAXBP Contract
  • TUSD - True USD(used in emergency collateral)

And register:

COMP Address, so that COMP rewards can be monetized.

It’s all in a name

In cooperation with 0xTomSawyer, StableLab release a naming convention for RFC proposals and IPs.

The goal of the naming convention is to make finding proposals easy and attract more governance participation.

That’s a wrap! Please reach out to us to let us know how we can improve this format, as well as any proposals you’d like us to cover here.

Have a great weekend, everybody!