[IP] hyUSD Base Reward Ratio Change


Change the Reward ratio from 2.5 days to 1 week

Current Reward Ratio:

2.5 days or 0.0000064180294

New Reward Ratio:

1 week or 0.000002292153375


Currently the reward ratio is set to 2.5 days. This proposal, if enacted, would change the reward ratio from 2.5 days(0.0000064180294) to 1 week(0.000002292153375).

The rewardRatio is how much of the Furnace melting and StRSR drip to perform per block, as a function of the currently held (post-auction) revenue.

Problem Statement

The current reward ratios were overlooked at deployment and are deployed with mainnet-like reward ratios.

By keeping the 2.5 day reward ratio, this could lead to the RToken handing out revenue too quickly, which can lead to RToken yield or RSR staker yield falling at times.


We believe that adjusting the reward ratio away from the mainnet-like reward ratios to a base specific reward ratio of 1 week would allow the revenue to be handed out at a more appropriate rate given the current rate of revenue events.


We believe that the risk lies in keeping the reward ratio as is.

  • Yes, I am for this proposal
  • No, I am against this proposal
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Looks good to me, im agreed. :pinched_fingers:t2:

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Very fast turnaround and important info for BASE deployers. Please take note.


I support this proposal. It is very similar to the recently proposed change for USD3, which I supported as well. This allows for more streamlined and consistent handout of revenue and less delay.