Reserve Wikipedia article!

I’d like to get everyone’s feedback on this outline for a Reserve Wikipedia page. It’s going to be tough to get a crypto project approved but my strategy is to include as many references to NON-CRYPTO sites as possible for validation.

Eventually, this stuff will become the norm and it will get accepted so there is no reason not to get it ready. If it does get approved, having a Wikipedia page is amazing from an SEO, web footprint, and visibility POV.

Let me know if you want access to make comments:

I would include the big USDC depeg event from March 2023! All infos about that event was written by Sinatra back than on this HP Blog Article:


This is an exciting idea when might it launch @RyanTreeFiddy ?

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Thank you. I agree. Thanks for the help.


I’ve had other unexpected IRL priorities come up that has prevented me from making progress here. It’s on my todo list and I hope to start working on it early next month when I hopefully have more free time.