RFC - Introducing iUSDC


Introducing iUSDC, an insured and interest-bearing RToken designed to be the ideal form of USDC.

The preferred currency of the buzzaar.io social freelancing marketplace

Ideal USDC (iUSDC), is an over-collateralized and censorship-resistant version of USDC initially pegged to $1 USD that aims to be a maximally safe medium of exchange.

In this RFC I will give you an overview of iUSDC. I highly encourage the community to ask questions and share their suggestions. If you want to help make this RToken a success, please reach out to me on twitter: @0xLycurguz or email at lycurguz@spear.technology


What is the mandate?

  • An over-collateralized and censorship-resistant form of USDC with onchain insurance and yield to protect holders against inflation and black swan events. Governors are tasked to prioritize safety through diversification and other low-risk strategies.

Why is that the mandate?

What rules does the mandate set for governance?


Who is the deployer?

Hello :wave:

Why did I decide to deploy the RToken?

What’s in it for me?

Collateral Asset Backing

What does the initial collateral backing for this RToken look like?

  • 50% Compound V3 USDbC.
  • 40% Stargate USDbC pool.
  • 10% Aave V3 USDbC.

Why was this collateral backing chosen?

At the time of deployment, these are the only available USDC-based collateral on Base.

Should governance keep the collateral backing as it is or update it whenever it can?

What is the estimated APY with the initial collateral backing?

Revenue Distribution

What will the initial revenue distribution look like?

Why was this particular distribution chosen?

Product Differentiation

How does this RToken differ from competitors?

Why will people use this RToken?

Go To Market

Who do you see as the early adopters and advocates of this RToken?

What does success look like for this RToken?


Why was this RToken name chosen?

What does the logo look like?

Why was this logo chosen?

What does the brand represent?

Call To Action

What is expected from the RToken’s governors?

What can the community do to make this RToken a success?

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