A way to focus idea generation

Hey everyone

I’d like to propose a space where problem statements from both the team and the community can be posted, allowing both parties to take them away, mull them over, and come back with some ideas to explore.

I think we have really powerful resource with the community - advocates for Reserve from all different backgrounds and walks of like, with really varied skillsets and expertise.

It would be great to tap into this meta-brain a little more formally. For that to happen, understanding the big, gnarly problems Reserve are tussling with daily - as well as those identified by the community - and getting them out in the open for all to ponder feels like a good next step.


  • How about a place to post those challenging problems … the things you’re thinking about in the shower, on the lavatory, or when you’re waiting for your microwave to ping
  • Maybe they could be grouped by skillset/ type of challenge… eg. technical, adoption, community engagement etc
  • Community members could self-organise to brainstorm as they see fit, or simply come back with their own thoughts

I’d suggest these problems could be framed along the lines of 'How might we…"

So, examples might be…

“How might we…”

  • “Enable new RToken launches to inherit the brand equity and reputation of Reserve rather than starting from scratch with each new launch”
  • “Incentivise adoption of RTokens through a referral scheme that increases TVL and generates positive PR for the ecosystem”?

Maybe we can see if the “problem shared is a problem halved” adage works in practice!


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Great idea teasea! The “Ideas & suggestions” sub-forum would be the right place this sort of discussion. Why don’t you kick off some of those posts and you’d get some thoughts from at least myself :slight_smile: