Announcing Governance Open Mic Sessions

Thanks to everyone who joined the Reserve x StableLab Kick-Off Call yesterday.
We had a great discussion about the governance flow with a few interesting takeaways:

  • Long term, it might be useful to develop an emergency action whitelist that would have an extremely long timelock period (30-90 days) before actions could enter the whitelist. Still, after that, these actions could be triggered at short notice to get ahead of sudden market changes. (how short is short, though? tbd)

  • Another interesting discussion was about how the idea flow of Discord ideas to Forum proposals could be expedited. I proposed using or approaching Discord ideas that get a lot of interest directly and help with forum proposals.

StableLab is here to help Reserve governance, so please reach out on the #governance channel in Discord or here on the Forums if we can help.

As a next step we’re compiling active proposals to give them more visibility and researching a potential Discord Bot or other notification service for proposals.

You can find the presentation shared yesterday here. StableLab x Reserve Kick Off - Google Slides

We will have Governance Open Mic Sessions, where we will deep-dive into pertinent topics and work together to address challenges and questions every second Wednesday, starting on April 17th, at 1800 UTC = 11 am PST. These will happen in the Town Square on Discord, and will be announced on the Discord Event calendar. Hope to get to know as many as possible there.

I’m sure I will be asking a lot of dumb questions and make plenty of mistakes in the beginning, so please humor me while I get up to speed!

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