Introducing StableLab as a governance facilitator

New governance facilitator onboarding

Thanks to a grant from Confusion Capital, StableLab will serve as a governance facilitator to Reserve Protocol for a six-month trial period. We’re excited to get started and help improve Reserve Governance in any way we can.

We’re here to support governance participants with Governance Operations and Facilitation Services.

Starting next Tuesday we will host Governance Community Calls every 14 days where participants can catch up on what’s happening and ask any and all questions. This should evolve into a space to get to know each other and develop proposals and the protocol as a whole. We will also invite key proponents to present interesting topics or current proposals for the community to discuss.

The first call will be an introduction to StableLab and a chance to get to know us.
It will take place on 2024-04-02 at 1900UTC. (11am PST, 2000 CET) on Discord in the Reserve Town Hall.

So who is StableLab?

StableLab is the leading provider of governance solutions for decentralized protocols. We contribute to over 25 protocols and ecosystems with exceptional participation metrics. Partners include Arbitrum, Optimism, Aave, Uniswap, 1inch, Balancer, Element Finance, InstaDapp, Lido, and MakerDAO.
We participate in the entire governance process, from initial discussions, proposal creation, and feedback rounds to on- or off-chain polls. Apart from ensuring well-informed decisions, we author proposals where possible.

We were among the foremost delegates responsible for the recent Arbitrum Short-Term Incentives Program (STIP). We’re a leading contributor and delegate in AAVE and Uniswap, deeply integrated into Optimism and MakerDAO governance, as well as the top Ajna Finance delegate.

Notable achievements:

  • Uniswap Accountability Committee - April 2023
  • AAVE Orbit Program Participant - May 2023, ongoing
  • SafeDAO Grants Program - September 2023, ongoing
  • Arbitrum STIP - September 2023
  • Lido Governance Research - November 2023
  • NEAR Metapool Working Group - December 2023
  • Maker Atlas Working Group - January 2024
  • Arbitrum LTIPP - January 2024
  • Uniswap Delegate Compensation Working Group - February 2024
  • Uniswap Treasury Working Group - March 2024

We’re looking forward to usher in a new chapter for Reserve Governance and getting to know you better.

Let’s build!


Amazing. Your team’s presence will help the Reserve community develop its collective skills in maintaining RTokens and the protocol. This transformation needs to take place, and any help StableLab can lend would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to meeting your team next Tuesday.


Thank you Braden! Really excited to be a part of this journey.

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