Friday Governance Wrap Up 24-04-19

:loudspeaker: Weekly Governance Update for Reserve Protocol - Week of 2024-4-19! :honeybee:

Hey Reserve community,

Welcome back to our weekly governance round-up, where we spill the tea on all things Reserve. Let’s dive into the juiciest updates without further ado, because who likes waiting anyway? Especially when there’s crypto to discuss!

:ballot_box: Improvement Proposal: Spring Cleaning on Base Blockchain

First up, we’ve got an exciting Improvement Proposal (IP) currently in the voting phase, aimed at our high yield USD (hyUSD) on the Base blockchain. The proposal, aptly named “Unregister Unused Assets-Clean up Base,” is all about tidying up. Make sure to cast your vote and help us declutter!

:arrows_counterclockwise: ETH+ Issuance and Redemption Throttle Proposal 2.0

Next, a little update on the proposal by 0xSleepy that didn’t quite wake up enough voters to reach a quorum. It seems the timing was off, as the vote fell on April 1st. Yep, attempting serious governance on April Fool’s Day? Not the best call. We suspect some might have thought it was a prank! We’re planning to resubmit the proposal to increase the issuance and redemption throttle for ETH+. Remember, timing is everything—no jokes this time!

:rocket: hyUSD’s New Adventure

Lastly, some big news on the hyUSD front. We’re pulling back from operations on the mainnet to focus on a newer, shinier stage—the Base blockchain. Why, you ask? It’s simple: lower fees, baby! This move means even the little guys can join in without that heavy fee baggage. We’re all about inclusivity here!

Wrapping Up

That’s all for this week’s update! Remember, your participation is what fuels this rocket ship we call Reserve Protocol. So, keep voting, keep discussing, and let’s keep making decentralized currency systems a reality. After all, we’re all in this crazy crypto ride together!

Until next week, stay savvy! :wave: