Consideration of an Early Release for Vaya Stablecoin with Temporary Collateral Approach

In the fast-paced world of decentralized finance, plans sometimes need adjustments. We’re (Veganiel and a brand new member of Vaya) thinking about launching the Vaya stablecoin a bit earlier than planned. I guess in the coming 8 weeks or so. This gives us more time to carefully build and improve the Vaya ecosystem.

To support this idea, we’re looking at using a temporary mix of assets as collateral. These assets would back the stablecoin for added security. For now, we’re considering these assets:

  • 0.25 saUSDC
  • 0.25 saDAI
  • 0.25 cUSDT
  • 0.25 stkcvxeUSD3CRV-f

Revenue distribution:

62% Holders and 35% Stakers

This mix will definitely change as we go along to match the core ideas of Vaya. It’s a way to keep things safe while staying true to what Vaya stands for.

This temporary approach lets us be flexible while still holding onto the main values of Vaya, while making sure Vaya stays solid. So, by thinking about this change, we’re aiming to make the Vaya project even better as we move forward.