RFC - Introduction of Vaya


Vaya = Virtual Asset with Yield Accumulation

Introducing Vaya, a robust stablecoin built on the secure foundation of the Register platform. Rooted in the philosophy of striking a perfect balance between yield generation and safety, Vaya places a paramount emphasis on ensuring the utmost security while still offering an attractive avenue for yield accumulation.

At its core, Vaya is meticulously backed 1:1 to the US dollar, providing individuals with a reliable shield against the perils of inflation. The primary goal is to empower people by safeguarding their wealth while simultaneously offering a sufficient yield as an enticing bonus. Moreover, Vaya serves as an ideal solution for companies seeking a secure means to store their funds. In conclusion, the security standards are overall higher weighted than the amount of refunds which is why expected returns are little bit smaller than comparing to other Rtokens like hyUSD.

One of Vaya’s features is its self-healing mechanism, which actively maintains stability and resilience in the face of market fluctuations. Additionally, the coin offers compelling staking rewards, further fortifying its security through participation in the staking process. Vaya also embraces the principles of decentralization, ensuring that it remains independent of centralized control while being overcollateralized to bolster its underlying strength.

The mandate

  • A decentralized stablecoin which is striking go get the ideal balance between maximizing the worth of your finances and safeguarding its security.


I go by the name Veganiel, while I believe it’s best to launch under a pseudonym at the moment. I’ve been invested in Reserve Rights since 2020 and share the belief that a stable currency is a fundamental human right. Register provides me with the opportunity to contribute to this philosophy, turning the dream of a financially inclusive and equitable world into a real world practice. Financial inequality is a form of discrimination, and I have always stood against any form of discrimination, whether it be against humans, animals, or nature. Reserve Rights gives me a means to do so.

It’s a completely new situation for me and a significant responsibility to create Vaya. Along the way, I will learn a lot and am grateful for any criticism and recommendations.

Collateral Asset Backing and Governance

Roughly expected collateral backing for Vaya

  • 25% fUSDC and saUSDC
  • 25% fDAI and saUSDC
  • 17% Convex/Curve eUSD+FRAXBP pool
  • 17% new collateral Plugin from hackathon
  • 16% new collateral Plugin from hackathon

All the assets I endorse demonstrate the following attributes: They maintain an optimal risk-reward equilibrium. Moreover, none of these assets carry a weight exceeding 25%, thereby ensuring a well-diversified risk allocation in the event of a potential collapse of any underlying asset. Within this portfolio, 50% of Vaya is are backed by stablecoins, providing an additional layer of security, while the remaining 50%—which generate higher yields—are allocated in smaller segments, strategically aimed at minimizing potential risks. I avoid further splitting of the underlying assets to prevent the potential risk associated with the collapse of any individual asset. This would lead to an increase in systemic risk.

Through governance mechanisms, the exchange of underlying assets can be facilitated in order to achieve a better balance between security and risk/yield. However, it is crucial to refrain from considering any actions that may increase the existing risk.

Revenue distribution

Estimated basket APY = 8-11% splittet into 63% for holders and 34% for stakers

The distribution of returns has been designed to make staking attractive, thereby enhancing security through staking. This additional security is intended to make it more appealing for investors, who are further rewarded with approximately 5-7% yield.

Three percent of the earnings is allocated to the Vaya account to cover ongoing expenses (partnerships, listings, providing liquidity to trading pairs…). In the future, if higher returns are generated, I am open to considering donations to animal welfare organizations or human rights organizations. Transparent information regarding the specific areas of fund utilization is provided regularly. In order to enhance transparency and trustworthiness, any tips and suggestions you may have are welcome.

What makes it unique?

The RToken Vaya offers several distinguishing features that set it apart from its competitors:

  1. Balanced yield and security: The RToken aims to strike a balance between generating sufficient yield for investors while ensuring the security of their funds. By implementing robust risk management practices and asset allocation strategies, the RToken seeks to offer investors a competitive yield without compromising the safety of their investments.
  2. Dynamic basket management: The RToken employs a dynamic approach to managing its basket of assets. This means that the composition of the underlying assets can be adjusted and optimized over time based on market conditions and risk management strategies. This flexibility allows for better adaptability and responsiveness to changing market dynamics compared to competitors with static basket structures.
  3. RSR default protection: The RToken provides default protection for Reserve Rights (RSR) up to a certain amount, which is expected to be covered through sufficient staking rewards. This default protection mechanism acts as a safeguard for investors, mitigating the risk associated with the potential default of RSR.
  4. The RToken also distinguishes itself from competitors through its decentralized nature. The RToken operates on a decentralized framework, leveraging blockchain technology to ensure transparency, immutability, and security of transactions and asset management. This decentralized approach removes the need for intermediaries and central authorities, enhancing trust and reducing the potential for single points of failure. By leveraging the decentralized nature of blockchain, the RToken offers a more resilient and censorship-resistant solution compared to centralized alternatives in the market.
  5. In the event of significant profits, there is a consideration to donate a portion of the earnings to organizations focused on areas such as animal welfare or human rights. This philanthropic initiative aims to contribute to positive social impact and aligns with the values of supporting important causes beyond financial gain.

Early adoption

The early adopters and advocates of the RToken, which is the stablecoin created on the Reserve Rights Platform, can include a diverse group of individuals. Here are some potential early adopters and advocates:

  1. Individuals in countries experiencing high inflation: People who live in countries with unstable economies and high inflation rates may find the RToken appealing. Stablecoins like the RToken can provide them with a more stable store of value and a means to preserve their wealth.
  2. Crypto enthusiasts seeking wealth-building opportunities: Individuals who are already involved in the cryptocurrency space and are looking for opportunities to grow their wealth may see the RToken as an attractive investment option. Its stability can provide a relatively secure asset within the volatile crypto market.
  3. DeFi enthusiasts and yield farmers: The decentralized finance (DeFi) community is known for its exploration of innovative financial products and strategies. DeFi enthusiasts and yield farmers may see the RToken as a valuable asset to incorporate into their yield-generating strategies or lending platforms.
  4. RSR token holders and believers in the Reserve project: Individuals who hold RSR tokens and believe in the long-term vision of the Reserve project may actively support and advocate for the adoption of Vaya.
  5. Cryptocurrency exchanges: Small crypto exchanges that want to offer their users a stable coin for trading and storage may consider the RToken as a secure option. The stability of the RToken can help protect user accounts and funds from the high price fluctuations of other cryptocurrencies.
  6. Crypto payment processors: Companies that provide crypto payment services may use the RToken as a stable currency to facilitate transactions and protect customers from volatility. This can be particularly advantageous in markets where the local currency is unstable.
  7. Crypto custodians: Small crypto custodians that specialize in securely storing digital assets may see the RToken as a valuable addition to their custody services. The stable value of the RToken can provide an additional layer of security for their clients’ holdings.

At this point I’m already communicating with interested projects which may use Vaya for their platform. Detailed infos about that soon.

Community integration

I will utilize channels such as Discord and Telegram to effectively engage with the community and foster active participation. These platforms serve as interactive communication channels that facilitate real-time discussions and feedback sharing. By leveraging these communication tools, I aim to create an inclusive and collaborative environment where community members can express their thoughts, concerns, and constructive criticism.

Through these channels, I will actively encourage the community to provide valuable insights, suggestions, and critique, as they play a pivotal role in identifying areas for improvement and refining the project’s strategies.

The open-door policy to criticism will be encouraged, as it offers valuable opportunities for growth and enhancement. Constructive criticism allows for the identification of weaknesses or shortcomings, which can then be addressed through iterative development and continuous improvement. By actively seeking feedback and engaging in open dialogue, I aim to foster a culture of transparency, responsiveness, and adaptability within the community.

It is worth noting that while Discord and Telegram can be effective communication channels, it is important to establish guidelines and moderation mechanisms to ensure that discussions remain constructive, respectful, and focused on the project’s objectives.

What can the community do to make this RToken a success?

Here are some tips on how the community can contribute to the success of the RToken:

  1. Active Participation: Get involved and actively participate in the community. Share your ideas, insights, and suggestions regarding the RToken and its development. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and provide feedback to contribute to the project’s growth.
  2. Spread the Word: Help raise awareness about the RToken and the Reserve Rights Platform. Share information about the project on social media platforms, forums, and other relevant channels. By spreading the word, you can attract more attention, potential users, and supporters to the project.
  3. Community Support: Offer support to fellow community members by providing guidance, assistance, and sharing your knowledge. Help newcomers understand the project, its features, and potential use cases. By building a supportive community, you create a positive environment that fosters growth and collaboration.
  4. Collaboration and Partnerships: Explore opportunities for collaboration and partnerships within the community. Connect with other individuals, developers, and organizations that share similar goals or can contribute to the project’s success. By working together, you can leverage each other’s strengths and resources.
  5. Constructive Criticism: Provide constructive criticism when necessary. If you identify areas for improvement or have concerns, share them in a respectful and constructive manner. By offering valuable feedback, you help the project team address potential weaknesses and enhance the RToken’s features and functionality.

Remember, the success of the RToken relies on the collective effort of the community. By actively engaging, sharing your thoughts, and supporting the project’s growth, you can make a significant contribution to its success! :slight_smile:

Reach out to me, and together, we will bringing Vaya to a success.

Email: vaya.stablecoin@gmail.com