[IP] Unregister Unused Assets-Clean up Base


This proposal unregisters old contracts no longer used in High Yield USD (Base).


The proposed proposal, if enacted, would unregister old contract addresses that are no longer being used.

Assets to be unregistered:

  1. wsgUSDbC (Stargate USDbC contract address)
  2. STG (Stargate contract address)
  3. wcUSDCv3 (Old Compound USDCv3 contract address)
  4. USDbC(emergency collateral)


The assets being unregistered are no longer used in High Yield USD, by removing these assets we are improving the overall efficiency and security.

USDbC is used in the emergency collateral and is being deprecated across base. Unregistering this asset, we believe would be a good decision. In the case we have to rely on the emergency collateral, we don’t think it would be wise to move into a deprecated asset.


We believe by removing old unused contract addresses that this improves the security and overall efficiency of High Yield USD. These changes would result in improved user experience while maintaining safety and security.

  • Yes, I am for this proposal
  • No, I am against this proposal
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Hi! Firstly, I wanted to congratulate the High Yield USD team for the high quality of their written communications. In an effort to help governance proposal clarity and following the reccommended naming conventions published in the forum by StableLab, we modified the title of the proposal to clearly display [RFC] (between square brackets) at the beginning of the title. We encourage the hyUSD team to adopt this convention to keep a good [RFC] and [IP] record track.

Reccommended proposal guidelines: Naming convention for RFCs and IPs

In addition, this proposal has yet to be published for onchcain voting.