[IP] USD3 Issuance and Redemption Throttle Amount Increase


This proposal Increases the redemption and issuance throttle amount for USD3


The proposed proposal, if enacted, would increase the issuance throttle amount from $2M to $6.5M and increase the redemption throttle amount from $2.5M to $7.5M. This would allow for increased movability while holding USD3.

Problem Statement

In discussions with large minters, the feedback indicates that the current issuance and redemption throttle amount is too limiting. Keeping the minting and redeeming at current levels is an inconvenience to the larger minter as they have to mint in several transactions in order to reach their desired holding.


By increasing the issuance and redemption throttle amount, USD3 will be able to meet market demand while remaining in line with safe limits.


There is novel smart contract risk where if an exploit were to occur the larger redemption throttle amount could be leveraged for profit by the attacker. However, The Reserve Protocol has undergone 6(soon to be 7) audits and the probability of an exploit remains low. For issuance, the throttle is meant to protect from an attacker minting while collateral is mid-default and benefiting from RSR-funded recapitalization. USD3 has blue chip rated assets or better in the collateral basket, and by design the probability of a default is low, but not 0. These changes would result in improved user experience while maintaining levels of safety and security.

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This proposal is consistent with feedback that Reserve has received from large allocators. I support

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In support of this proposal. Thank you Tom for putting it together.

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Improved movability makes USD3 more fit-for-pupose and appealing to large minters. The bigger impact higher issuance/redemption limits could introduce related to potential smart contract exploits is mitigated/addressed by many audits. I support this proposal.

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Iā€™m in favour - glad organisations are looking to benefit from the safety of USD3

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