[IP] hyUSD Treasury Distribution Allocation Adjustment for Base


Change Revenue Distribution Allocation to Receive RSR

Current 3% Distribution:

100% hyUSD.
0% RSR

New 3% Distribution:

20% hyUSD.
80% RSR


hyUSD Treasury:
Currently the hyUSD Treasury receives 3% of the total revenue in hyUSD and no RSR. This proposal, if enacted, would change the internal distribution of the 3% from hyUSD to both hyUSD and RSR.

Problem Statement:
We believe some exposure to RSR on base for the longer term outlook of continuing to participate in governance would be a good decision.


hyUSD Treasury:
We are mirroring the treasury allocation on Mainnet.


We believe there are no risks in this adjustment.

  • Yes, I am for this proposal
  • No, I am against this proposal
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Makes sense to me. Let the deployer team accrue governance power a bit faster than others.

Hi! Firstly, I wanted to congratulate the High Yield USD team for the high quality of their written communications. In an effort to help governance proposal clarity and following the reccommended naming conventions published in the forum by StableLab, we modified the title of the proposal to clearly display [RFC] (between square brackets) at the beginning of the title. We encourage the hyUSD team to adopt this convention to keep a good [RFC] and [IP] record track.

Reccommended proposal guidelines: Naming convention for RFCs and IPs

In addition, this proposal has been published for onchain voting and passed with majority here: