Negation Game Experiment

How do DAOs decide what to do?

In theory, governance token holders should decide, since they control decisions.

In practice there are rarely any concerted efforts to poll or otherwise find out what token holders want.

Reserve is currently using Canny, which is awesome!!

We wanted to know if governors here are interested in an experiment.

Connor Mc Cormik, the mastermind of the negation game, has built a fun platform where diverse communities can decide what to do by proposing actions and then thinking about why not to do them.
Thanks to clever logic, the game then identifies the strongest candidate while surfacing potential drawbacks.

If we find 10+ people who have a forecaster account and are willing to participate, he would be open to two facilitated sessions of this game for us.

If this speaks to you, reply or DM your Farcaster handle.

First of all, I will follow you :wink:

Then, if we reach 10 or more participants, I will work with Connor to make the sessions happen.

I think it could be a fun experiment, and maybe we can learn a thing or two about what actions have the highest preferences across the board.

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I’m on FC as starl3xx and would be happy to participate

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How active are you both on Farcaster? How close are you to getting the 10 members? Has Farcaster quieted down since this post? I haven’t logged on there since a week or two after I created the Reserve group there.

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Hey, I’m on FC too as @socopower.

Let me know if this proceeds to participate :balloon:.

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We only have two people on farcaster so far :frowning: So quite far away from ten…
Send me your handles though, I’ll follow you.

Not active there at all, tbh. I have an account and post occasionally.