Reserve Zealy Quests Review/Analysis

Hey, I recently decided to take the initiative to “take on” the small task that 0xJMG asked for of analyzing/reviewing the new tasks they added on the Reserve Zealy page, so…

I will appreciate the help of all those people who can read the entire review and say their opinions about it [For, against, what would you change, etc].


Recommended changes:

  • Conquer some popular subreddits: “r/DeFi”, “r/Ethereum”, etc.
  • Create the Official Reserve Reddit
  • Improve Daily Tasks
  • New badge: “Redditoooor”
  • Get the Reserve community noticed on Farcaster
  • Make badges more attractive through rewards: NFT’s. POAPs. Merch, etc.


(+) = Positive

(-) = Negative

  1. The task of following on Twitter/X and meeting certain people who make up the Reserve team and the community seemed like an excellent idea to me. (+)

  2. I found the new tasks fun to do and the experience was overall very smooth between tasks (+), BUT… The daily tasks in the category of #Minter, #Staker, #Deployer, #Governor seem somewhat boring to me after the 2nd or 3rd day of doing them and sometimes, it can be seen as “spam”, I suppose it is because they are always the same questions/answers in these categories. It would be a good idea to modify the questions/answers of these daily tasks or if Zealy does not support that type of modifications, not do them daily but rather every 2 or 3 days or weekly. (-).

  3. A possible use of daily tasks would be on some special occasion, some event within the Zealy platform where adding experience really matters. (+)

  4. The tasks do not have a high degree of complexity, at least in my opinion, so people new to the community should not have any problem completing them. Therefore, I would not make any change in the level of difficulty of these. (+)

  5. Reserve arrived at Farcaster!!! (+). Let’s make the presence of the community there by implementing new tasks to be carried out there. To give weight to this, we can focus next month’s CERs on being held there.

  6. There are several things that every web3 community draws attention to that could be used as an incentive to get all the badges:

  • NFTs (they never go out of trend)
  • POAPs (RPay Team applied this a lot for special occasions btw)
  • Merchandise (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Swags, Stickers, Mugs, etc)
  • Tokens Rewards (Perfect for the sprints that can be done in Zealy)
  • Exclusive Access (Although it is already being applied since we have exclusive access to the discord channel #The-Roundtable).

Whats Next? (IMO)

Possible new task/badge: “Redditoooor”

I think it would be a good idea to focus on Reddit, I recently shared a post where a person asked questions about hyUSD, in the “/DeFi” subreddit.

If the Reserve Community is aware of these details on Reddit, where they can contribute knowledge to these people, or they can create publications that generate debate, knowledge, the protocol can be made known in those places, reddit is the place for many people.

Thanks for reading,


Great job, dude. I just learned about POAPs the other day while chatting with Ann. I think that’s a great idea.

I also think it’s a great idea for people to get involved on Reddit but not limited to Reddit. Other places are X, Facebook Groups, Quora, etc. I suggested just this to James when I did an audit for him.


@socopower, thank you sincerely for your insights on the Zealy quests. I have some comments and questions regarding your points:

  1. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by the term “daily” tasks and clarify your definition of “spam”?

  2. I’m pleased to hear that you found the difficulty level to be adequate.

  3. While incentives are undoubtedly crucial, we must exercise caution to ensure that we attract individuals who are aligned with Reserve’s values. We are actively exploring the possibility of incorporating NFTs in future rounds. If you have additional ideas on this matter, please share them.

  4. Could you provide further details on the advantages of Reddit? Some members of our community may be less familiar with it. Additionally, if anyone is interested in taking ownership of our Reddit presence and becoming a moderator, please feel free to reach out to me via DM.

I am eager to hear more from the community about their thoughts on the Zealy quests. They represent an important initial step in engaging curious individuals and educating them about our mission.

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Hey @Brody3, sure let me explain in more depth the points you mention.

1. Could you please elaborate on what you mean by the term “daily” tasks and clarify your definition of “spam”?

“Spam” Daily task: These are the tasks that are available in Zealy that can be performed daily, but they are usually composed of predetermined answers. Some examples of these “spam daily tasks” would be the following:

1- Screenshot by Lightshot
2- Screenshot by Lightshot
3- Screenshot by Lightshot
4- Screenshot by Lightshot

2. While incentives are undoubtedly crucial, we must exercise caution to ensure that we attract individuals who are aligned with Reserve’s values. We are actively exploring the possibility of incorporating NFTs in future rounds. If you have additional ideas on this matter, please share them.

Of course, I agree with this… I would only use NFTs/POAPs for special occasions, example:

  • Achieve the “Advocate” badge

  • That the user has collaborated several times with the protocol (Example: Having made quality contributions to the Community Content Rewards Program)

  • Winners of future Hackathons that take place.

  • Etc.

3. Could you provide further details on the advantages of Reddit?

Reddit is an open forum where there are many people interested in DeFi, Stablecoins, New Protocols, etc. In the different subforums that I mentioned in the review, you can find occasions where questions are asked about what the protocol does (Example, someone asking about hyUSD).

Having a presence in those places to free anyone who is interested in the protocol, or in the products that were built through it, from doubts, I see it as something positive.

I initially didn’t pay much attention to Reddit, but now I use it a lot, LOL.
Reddit is the place for curious people.

My Zealy Quest Follow Up :face_with_monocle::memo:

I have to start by giving Socopower a huge thumbs up for the care he put into this and his formatting is perfect (Yes ill be stealing it for my ideas and suggestions)

The Pros:
:smiling_face:The amount of information provided within the quests is amazing its the perfect way for someone to dip their toes into the ecosystem and all that it has to offer. Its education and fun Without sounding corny or forced.
Its also a fantastic introduction to the team, their background, their socials and their mission.

:smiling_face:I also found it as a useful and an encouraging tool for newcomers to the ecosystem to create community content. Especially with the rich examples and articles created by participants within the reserve community.

The Cons:

:frowning: I will have to double up on socos point when it comes to the QUANTITY of questions. I too did notice some repetitive questions while working towards my badge. I would love to collaborate with anyone on the team and help devise some more intro and newbie friendly questions and ramp up the difficulty the longer the participant has been on the platform.

:frowning: The following on X is phenomenal but I would like to see a community hashtag that pertains to the zealy quests! once they have followed the team or created a long form informative tweet so the community can provide public praise, feedback and share when they are posted. Essentially create a spotlight for newcomers. We could have someone from the community cough cough ANN COUGH check that hashtag we create periodically and let the community know about our newly minted Ranger :saluting_face:

⦿ As much as we all has a dislike for TikTok/Instagram Reels/Youtube shorts. There’s no denying that those forms of content cast a much wider net than writing a medium article or tweeting something out in the ether for people in the echo chamber to see. I would love to see a quest that involves outreach to a more mainstream/Younger audience and get them excited about education and not speculation when it comes to web3/Reserve.
OR if asking someone on a zealy quest to make a short 10-15 second video loop is too much We could collaborate on a workshop to make a short form video using stock footage, screen shots, or AI video apps and you could also have an AI voiceover narrate the video if one is camera shy. (AI voice over could be funny and make for some good memes)

⦿I also love the Redditorrrrrr badge idea Reddit has become the new backbone of the online web forums and if gone unchecked it can be a vehicle for people to spread misinformation very quickly!!! I would love to see an official Reddit account/forum for Reserve.
I wouldnt mind signing up to be one of the moderators.
Reddit is well past the “too big to fail” stages as a platform. Its now seen as a search engine joining the likes of google and youtube when you need to research a topic.

⦿ I 1000000000% agree with Anns point about NFT incentives attracting the wrong people.

Theres no Denying the network effects NFTs have for better or for worse they ARE conversation starters. I would love Reserve to be on the right side of that conversation and have the reward NFTs be seen as a positive usecase for NFTs seeing that they can only be rewarded to people that took the time and effort to learn and interact with the community and protocol.
I would like to reward people with BASE NFTs after they get their 2nd or 3rd badge. I feel like that would be a solid milestone for some people and they would have earned their stripes by then within the community as well.
I would eventually like to create even more incentives for the NFTs and have them play a role in the reserve ecosystem. In the future we could have them tied to an Rtoken defi yield position? That way if gives the holders an incentive to hold it as well if they were to earn a tiny percentage of the yield generated by a future Rtoken.


Hey Alex, Thank you for your amazing feedback! I liked several things you mentioned:

  1. The community hashtags
  2. TikTok/Instagram Reels/ YT Shorts.
  3. Your support towards the possibility of starting to conquer Reddit.
  4. That NFTs could attract the wrong people.

Although an RToken collateralized with an NFT sounds great, I think it would not be possible given the volatility of these assets and that they do not generate any Yield in themselves (I may be wrong), I would like people with advanced knowledge in DeFi/NFT to share their opinion on this specific point.