rToken Upgrades to Release 3.4.0

Because key people are Out-Of-Office for two weeks starting 29 June 2024, we recommend that all rTokens upgrade to the newest version until then. We’re here to support rToken governors and deployers through the process.

Here is a list of rTokens that already are in the IP stage: :rocket:

  • bsdETH
  • hyUSD (Base)

Tokens that have an RFC on the forum: :guitar:

  • hyUSD (Mainnet)
  • USD3
  • ETH+

Tokens that yet have to propose an RFC

  • eUSD
  • rgUSD
  • KNOX
  • USDC+
  • MAAT
  • VAYA

We’re asking all deployers to put RFC’s up until the end of this week.
You can reuse much of the work from bsdETH or hyUSD.

Let’s get the IPs on-chain early next week, so we have the ecosystem switched to the newest version before the end of this month.

Thanks all!!

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