Upgrade Compound v3 USDC Asset on Base


Upgrade Compound v3 USDC Asset in the collateral basket for hyUSD on Base. An on-chain proposal has been created, and will go live for voting in 2 days: Register - Reserve Protocol Interface


A small bug in the current wcUSDCv3 asset contract results in an integer overflow, affecting the rewards that are claimable. Nothing apart from COMP rewards are at risk.

Problem Statement

Currently COMP rewards are not claimable due to an integer overflow bug.


This upgrade will allow COMP rewards to be claimed going forward. More details can be seen in the pull request here: Wcusdcv3 rewards fix by tbrent · Pull Request #1016 · reserve-protocol/protocol · GitHub


The risks lie in not upgrading, as both the hyUSD holder and RSR staker are negatively impacted by not receiving any revenue from the COMP rewards. Currently about $2k COMP rewards have been lost from this bug, which fortunately represents only a fraction of the total yield that hyUSD has generated.